NSDictionary to NSArray


Usually I write in spanish, but since this is a universal issue (at least for the people who code in objective-c) I’m going to post this “answer” in english.

I was struggling for a couple of hours with something that in the end was very simple, trying to put the values and keys of a NSDictionary in a NSArray to order them, I’m a N00b, yes. But that’s how we all started, so hopefully in some months I will be less N00bish. I was trying at first with this code:

 NSArray *array = [dictionary valueForKey:@"Root"]; 

But when I was iterating the array

for (int i=0;i<=[array count];i++)


NSDictionary *item = [array objectAtIndex:i];


The debugger send me a error message telling me that I was in fact wrong, and the NSDictionary can’t use the objectAtIndex. Wait, what? but it’s an array!!!  Well, I was telling the NSArray at the beging to work as a NSDictionary and I was unaware.

What I found out was that I needed to send all the values instead of using the valueForKey. And that was it. Solution served, easy indeed.

 NSArray *array = [dictionary allValues]; 


Learning Cocoa


Puesto que tengo una memoria de pez, y la retentiva de un niño de 4 años  tengo que leer constantemente como hacer tal o cual cosa, pues me olvido con facilidad; aunque aprendo más rápido viendo a otros hacer, eso sí. Uno de los blogs que más he usado para programar en Objective-C han sido los siguientes:



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